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Alpine Centre / Brussels
Alpine Centre / Brussels

The all-new A110 Premiere Edition is the light, elegant sports coupé that announces the return of Alpine. The A110 Première Edition remains true to the Alpine DNA and places absolute maneuverability and driving pleasure at the center, without sacrificing daily driving comfort.

The two-seater coupé with mid-engine, developed and built in France, uses an aluminum construction to keep the weight to a minimum and has an advanced double wishbone suspension. The A110 Premiere Edition is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine that develops 252 hp. Like every Alpine, he sends his power to the rear wheels.

The A110 Première Edition, of which only 1.955 copies will be built - a nod to the year of the foundation of Alpine - was completely reserved within five days. The production version of the A110 will follow shortly after. As the first new model in two decades, the Alpine A110 Premiere Edition marks the rebirth of the brand. Alpine, which now forms a separate entity within the Renault group, has worked out an ambitious long-term strategy that builds on the vision and determination of its founder, Jean Rédélé.

The brand not only possesses a rich heritage in the field of agile, light sports cars that have the best effect on curvy mountain roads, but also participated in the highest level of international motorsport. The greatest achievements of the brand were the title in the World Rally Championship of 1973 and the victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1978.

In the same spirit, Alpine is now participating in international endurance competitions. The car with which the brand won the FIA ​​LMP2 World Endurance Championship confirms the ambitions and commitment of Alpine in motorsport. New for 2018 is the recently announced Alpine European Cup for specially prepared A110 Cups, which will be managed by Alpine's racing partner Signatech. This competition demonstrates the performance of the coupé, as well as Alpine's commitment to customer racing.

Michael van der Sande, managing director of Alpine, gives a text and explanation: "A brand that conveys so much passion again is a fantastic privilege, but also a big responsibility. The passion for Alpine, both within the Renault group and among car enthusiasts, is huge. We have had the ambition to bring Alpine back for a while. And now the time is there."

"With the new A110 Première Edition we have departed from the core principles that made Alpine successful in the sixties and seventies, such as its compact dimensions, low weight and very low center of gravity. These assets were combined with modern technologies. That makes the car a real pleasure on country roads and circuits, while still being very comfortable in daily life.

It is my mission to permanently anchor Alpine in the sports car segment again."

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